Every colour has a story

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Every colour has a story

Discover Elements Collection


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Bespoke luxury rugs

Handmade rugs are like art forms:
passionate, erratic, creative, sometimes random, sometimes disciplined, always unique.

CASASENSI stands for our passion of art, dedication to contemporary interior design and appreciation for traditional craftsmanship. Each piece has a story embedded into its yarns and is carefully produced by artisans in Nepal using skills passed from generation to generation.

We constantly seek new inspirations and never stop working on new designs. But we also cooperate with interior designers, architects and private clients to bring their visions to life.

New design: Waterlilies

Fall in love with Pucci…
This stunning rug has been inspired by a remarkable work of Italian designer Emilio Pucci. No doubt this luxurious rug would bring colour, personality and character to any interior.

Our Picks

Our currently favourite designs

  • Inspired by carpets of the Art Deco era and connecting to the roots of modern style, Geometron One is simplistic in its design, nevertheless bold and full of personality.


  • Marmo’s design has been based on nature’s unique patterns of Statuario marble and given a new expression: the colour of veins that is unreal, captivating and sublime.

  • The abstract and organic design of Venus represents the hottest surface of any planet in the Solar System. The combination of Tibetan wool and bamboo silk implement textures contrast and amplifies its drama becoming a real  centrepiece of any room.

  • A real statement piece for luxurious interiors

    Not without reason Lihir has been named after one of the biggest gold mines in the world. Its richness, sheen and lavishness will complement even the most splendid interiors.