Inspired by carpets of the Art Deco era and connecting to the roots of modern style, Geometron One is simplistic in its design, nevertheless bold and full of personality.


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Product Details

  • hand knotted luxurious rug
  • fine quality of 150 knots per square inch
  • Tibetan wool and bamboo silk

Geometron Collection

Ancient Greek: γεωμετρία; geo- “earth”, -metron “measurement” (geometry) is one of the oldest branches of mathematics. Its principles have been applied to all branches of art and architecture for centuries and it is distinctive in ancient tribal rugs designs. This became an inspiration to translate these ancient principles into modern luxury rugs collection.


12-26 weeks depending on size


Each of our rugs is individually crafted to order, therefore, it can be adapted to fit your requirements. Colours, materials, design and size can be altered resulting in an unlimited range of possibilities to create the perfect piece.

Design advice

Please get in touch with us for design advice. We are here, always happy to help to ensure the rug you purchase is the rug you will love.