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The Company

Combining centuries old tradition with contemporary designs, a bespoke Casasensi rug blends our passion for art, dedication to high-end interior design and appreciation for traditional craftsmanship.

We believe our rugs have the power to transform interiors. They can form the centre of any room they are placed in, bringing a softness of materials, warmth, and a luxury touch.

We know how to use colour and balance shapes to create unique rug designs for beautiful homes.

Our passion and experience

About us

Having over 15 years’ of experience within the luxury interior design industry, combined with a visual art and design education, we know how to use colour, balance shapes, and create unique designs  for beautiful, contemporary homes.

The foundations for Casasensi were born out of this knowledge and allowed us to establish our owns style and create beautiful, timeless, and unique rugs. Love and passion accompany the process from the moment we sketch a new design to the moment it becomes the heart of your room.

Our Clients

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We constantly seek new inspirations and never stop working on new designs. We work closely with interior designers, architects, and private clients to bring their visions to life.