Our rugs


Venestre sources the world’s finest quality wool and silk yarns from Tibet, New Zealand, and China.


The hand made rug has survived the drive towards mass production. Crafting each rug takes weeks or months, but they last  lifetime because of the same time consuming technique  employed by artisans for centuries. Each one of our hand-knotted rugs is an individually crafted masterpiece, handmade by artisans in Nepal. It’s art for your floors that’s crafted with passion.

We celebrate ancient skills and every rug showcases dedication to the craft of rug making. Designs are brought to life with intricacy and dexterity, made with expertise passed down the generations. In fact, rug making has been around for thousands of years and continues to be a treasured practice in Nepal.

Hand-knotting is the most time-consuming and skill requiring process to create a rug. Each hand-knotted rug takes several weeks to create with up to four experienced weavers working on a rug at a time. From start to finish, quality is the focus to achieve heirloom rugs that are designed to last a lifetime and more.

Carding and spinning

Only the finest and sustainable materials are used to create our rugs.
The primary content of our rugs is Tibetan wool sourced from Himalayan sheep in Tibet. The sheep live at altitudes of over 13,000 ft, exposed to the rough climate of the Himalayas which gives it its robust qualities. Raw wool is sorted and washed by hand to remove impurities. Next step is carding, a hand carried process that disentangle and intermix the wool which is followed by spinning into yarns.


Yarns are dyed in small batches by hand using traditional pot dyeing methods. This process requires experience and and is controlled to perfection.We ensure that only best quality dyes are used in our rugs which produce delightful colours and are free from harmful chemicals.


We create a computer-generated graph containing all essential information to provide a reference for the weavers to work with and eliminate potential errors. Our rugs are woven on large vertical looms with cotton threads acting as foundation for our rugs. It is a painstaking and precise process, and our rugs come to live knot by knot. Following this, the rug is evened and trimmed.

Where required, patterns are also carved with scissors by our expert artisans which makes them more prominent and visually attractive.

Through modern technology, we have derived a way to use this ancient production technique to produce modern rugs that can be cherished for many generations.


Weaved rugs are washed several times with natural soap and spring water and using a wooden paddle called ‘pharwa’ that squeezes water through the pile. Washing also helps soften the rugs, creating a luxurious feel. Following this, our rugs are stretched to dry in the sun.

Pack and export

All our rugs go through detailed checks before being shipped to ensure the highest quality standards are being met.